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How To Make Things Happen

The first in a series of updates from Sharon Lee, Flavour Crusader – in her pursuit of social impact and mobile app development, spurred by the Local Food Challenge.

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I catch myself feeling blessed. Reinvigorated by the Local Food Challenge, I’ve continued to pursue FlavourCrusader, an app to connect farmers and food-lovers to create the future of food. How did my crazy idea gain traction and how am I getting it off the ground? Here are some lessons I’ve learned around the Realisation process – moving forward from having ideas to making them happen:
Make it personal
Things will take longer and be harder than you expect. You need to be beyond driven – you need to be obsessed – to see realisation. Motivation comes when your head and heart are fully aligned and if you were inspired from personal experience.
Although illuminating, desk research is not enough. Having conversations with people who your idea impacts – in real life – is ideal. Learn how people do things now, to improve what they can do tomorrow.
Stay on path
See that mist? That’s what you must navigate to get to your end goal. So how do you stay on path? I started with a fuzzy poem and refined our direction with a vision statement, manifesto and mission statement. Later, metrics will help. However, I’m always open to scenic routes; a fun deviation became a source of inspiration. I’ve received nudges through conversations. I’ve gained kick-starts by participating in various workshops, plus was lucky enough to be invited to the OpenIDEO Local Food workshop in Brisbane.
Rough and ready
You can’t change the world until you take your first step. And once you do, you can learn as you go. Your pixel-perfect grand implementation won’t survive. Make it rough.
I’ve been blessed with support from the smartest person I know. Old friends. New friends. Farmers and food-lovers online. Industry. Government. The OpenIDEO community, too. When people believe in what you’re trying to do, nothing can stop you.
I think.
We’re making slow but steady progress, the journey isn’t over yet. Just know when it feels right, it is. The fog clears and the path becomes evident, eventually. Stay tuned for updates.
FlavourCrusader is being developed with the assistance from the NSW Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services (DTIRIS)

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I've been reading your blog, it's really fantastic. What's the latest on the app?

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Why, hello! Thank you, the blog is really fun to do. On the app front - James is still plugging away. He's really busy; he codes on the bus to work I think we're a few months away from testing. Just praying for traffic jams...

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