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Whole Foods Across the Street

As a frequent customer of Whole Foods in NYC, I felt privileged to have daily access to locally grown, organic and competitive products. I became a better consumer for its convenience, wide selection and strong culture around whole food.

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One of the best things of living in NYC was my location across the street from Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. This area is a madhouse -- taxis, buses, horse-drawn carriages crossing the 6 different intersections and workers, tourists, school children bustling past one another or bursting out of the 5 different subway lines. Whole Foods sits in the middle of all this like a quiet refuge for the tightly wound urbanite. The shop is set up in an impeccably attractive and pleasant way, fruits and vegetables are ripe with goodness and the selection is wide and varied. The prepared foods are also delicious. It is an absolutely different shopping experience. Inevitably, customers become faithful and ardent followers, it is alway almost busy with customers. I myself shopped there there at least 3-4 times a week for all our household groceries and stopped shopping at the traditional supermarket. Why wouldn't I when I could buy locally grown apples and onions, sustainably farmed shrimp and organic mango salsa all at Whole Foods. The clear labels indicated sources and competitive prices and allowed me as a consumer to make better purchasing decisions, which I continued to seek out. I really felt fortunate that in the middle of hectic NYC, I could access healthy and well-sourced products in such an enjoyable and convenient way.


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Great point, they have some ingenious local programs. Thanks to WF, I am now a consistent bring my own bag person. The donations that they collect at PoS also makes it easier for me to contribute. I didn't realize they did microlending abroad. Thanks for sharing!

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