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What About the Farm Workers?

I wanted us to keep in mind the hard working people who perform the backbreaking, dangerous work in the fields to bring us our food.

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"The agriculture industry is consistently one of the most dangerous industries in which to work in the United States. The occupational safety risks involved in farm labor are numerous and can include exposure to pesticides, skin disorders, infectious diseases, lung problems, hearing and vision disorders, and strained muscles and bones."

Not only that, but in the US, farmworkers are excluded from basic protections enjoyed by the rest of the labor force. Simple things like overtime pay, a day of rest, disability insurance. Much of the farm work in the US is performed by Latino immigrants whose rights are under attack.

"Depression is common among farmworker adults where it is often related to isolation, economic hardship, and weather conditions. In addition, poverty, stress, mobility, hard labor, substandard and overcrowded living conditions, physical discomfort and lack of recreation can lead to substance abuse..."

Let's not forget to bring farm workers into our solutions to this challenge!

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Very valid point Jean, I think it's easy to think from 'consumer's' point of view, but it's very important who grows the food in the first place!