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Tracing Food Back To Its Source - Food Has A Story To Tell

This app allows the customer to trace a vegetable or fruit back to a specific location and a specific farmer using a code. It allows for transparency, education and marketability.

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Say you are at a grocery store and see some huge, delicious looking grapes. You wonder how they got so big and where they are from. Pull out your phone. Snap a picture of the HarvestMark code. Suddenly you get information as to where those grapes where grown, who the farmer is, and sometimes other specific data about the history of that farm, processes used, etc.

I think this is a perfect inspiration for this challenge as it offers two by-products.

1) Transparency which can increase confidence in the product as well as educate a consumer.

2) It allows for a personal connection between the end-consumer and the farmer which can increase loyalty, penetration and marketability for a farmer.

Additionally it takes advantage of a growing technology!


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Totally agree! We were just chatting the other night about how a local organic store used a farm's history as a selling point for some root vegetables. We learned about how they work the land, building up on it's many years of nutrients and the owner swore up and down we'd never be able to eat any other root vegetables. Got us totally hooked, and she was right!

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