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The University - where does it fit in?

There is much talk about the role of schools in the food battle, but what about the university? Whilst it is a place for learning and perhaps research, it also a critical connector of people, ideas, cultures, community locally and globally.

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Food Junctions was a University College London public engagement project designed to empower participants to become living artists through tailor made events that help us understand, reflect and take action to reshape and control our relationship with food.

Food Paths, developed from Food Junctions, builds on this by providing space for community and university to come together to discuss more focused themes including: Growing Food in the City, Food & Cooperatives, Food & Women and Food & Spirituality.

Food Junctions and Food Paths remind us that universities are much more than a space for traditional learning. They are also hubs – of people, of research and innovation, of learning, of the community. So, can we leverage this? How can universities better prepare students to be stewards of an environmentally and socially just world? How can they leverage their procurement strategies to source locally? How can they better leverage their networks locally and globally? How can their research and expertise be used as an advocacy tool and better inform practice? And how can they learn more from the community – challenging the tradition knowledge flows?

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You make a great point. It's not only about directly connecting consumers to producers but also leveraging other players in the community who may have a network and the resources to further enrich the experience and learning of food production and consumption.