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Sunday in the Village at the farmer's market

My local farmer's market is populated by people who care about what you think about their wares, and are really happy to talk about what they do to create the products they are selling - a very different relationship with our food's origin.

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For the first time since living in the Bay Area, I live in a place that is walking distance to a little town center (slighly cringe-worthily called "The Village") that is very sweet, very well-used, and pridefully patronized by the surrounding neighborhoods. On Sunday's, year round, there is a farmer's market stocked by people who grow and process their own food all within about 100 miles from the Village. It's great in part because the food is so lovely, but even more so because everyone who's there selling is very eager to talk about their farms, how things are looking out in the fields, what's good now, what to wait til next week for. All the things that you'd expect from someone who is connected to their product, and who cares about what their customers think. It's a wholly different experience from what one gets even at a well-turned out food boutique like Wholefoods or Andronico's.

I'll aim to take a picture this weekend to post here.


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