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So, Where's It Really From?

A special feature by Icebreaker which uses a barcode for traceability – from the actual garment wool's specific farmers through every step of the supply chain.

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You got to love those ingenious Kiwis – and of course we love to lend a hand to our brothers across the ditch in Australia. Our iconic clothing brand Icebreaker has some homegrown wisdom to offer here. Every single one of their products (in the millions globally) have a unique *Baacode* to let you see the living conditions of the high country sheep that produced the merino fibre in your Icebreaker garment, meet the farmers who are custodians of our astonishing landscape and follow every step of the supply chain. Talk about wearing one's integrity on your sleeve!

You can even try it out with a demo Baacode here:

Are there other ways we can champion rural production to urban consumers right on the product, or at it's point-of-sale, in a scaleable way? And like Icebreaker has done – can we do so in a compelling way that nudges folks to find out more?


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I love this baacode - when I bought my Icebreaker dress, I went to see where my sheep lived.

I've also seen this with milk. Through the website , you can enter the code from your milk carton and find out where the cows lived. It's US based, but I see they launching an app for Android!

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