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Secret Seed Food agents

The secret seed society provide fun eco gifts, tools and guides for your garden and kitchen helping to educate children and build their relationship with food.

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Getting children to understand how plants grow and where they come from is very important. Planting seeds and seeing how they develop can be very rewarding especially when it is made simple.

The Secret Seed Society are a company in London who have found a fun, engaging way to encourage children to become aware of their connection with nature and in turn, their eating habits. Different characters have been created for the different seeds/plants and a pack can be sent by post to the child with information on the plant and how to grow it. The parents are encouraged to be part of the journey - what a great way to build a relationship between parents, children and the environment.


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Louise, thanks for directing me to your concept. I love this. I remember trying to grow a watermelon plant in our (very shady) backyard when I was about 12. I had no idea what it would actually look like. Sadly we didn't get any watermelons but it was a fun few weeks. As an adult I saw my first pineapple bush and was shocked - after eating pineapple for many many years I had never thought about how or where it grew. Since then I've been surprised by cashews and cacao, and learned about a special kind of coffee (in Indonesia) that is pre-digested by weasels (or some sort of animal). It helps you make better choices if you know about where and how something is grown.

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