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Recipes that use local ingredients

Knowing how to cook with local ingredients is a necessary part of connecting food production to consumption.

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The hardest part of consuming local products for me is to know what to do with the local produce I can find at the Farmer's Market. I would love to have easy recipes on hand that can be made primarily with local ingredients.

A great example of this is a book of recipes written by Lucie Snodgrass that is tailored for the ingredients that can be found locally in Maryland. It is called Dishing up Maryland. In an interview with the Sun, Snodgrass explained her inspiration: "I have always been interested in public policy, and I love cooking," she said. She said she wrote the book because "I realized that to get really fresh food you are going to have to support the family farm."

The article can be found at,0,5505365.story

I think that she is completely correct, and I would like to see more such collections!


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Hi Maya,

That is a great idea too! I was also thinking along the lines of a Google maps app that linked to recipes for different regions. I just think that food ignorance is a huge problem in America, and that it will be impossible to grow the local food movement (and thereby solve the production-consumption issue) unless people actually know how to use the foods that are available to them.

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