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Mobile Farmers' Market Food Truck

This inspiration combines two popular San Francisco food trends: farmers' markets and food trucks to make healthy and local food stuffs available to neighborhoods across the city.

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San Francisco is a city that takes food very seriously. The farmers' markets in the Ferry Building, Civic Center, Alemany, and Noe Valley are becoming increasingly well attended. Paralleling this trend is the rise in popularity of food trucks roaming different city neighborhoods offering cuisine ranging from Mexican (El Tonayense in the Mission) to French (Chez Spencer on the Go in SOMA) and so much more. As valuable as farmers' markets are in connecting food producers to urban consumers and allowing city residents to purchase fresh local food, they are not present in all areas of the city. It is well known that disadvantaged urban neighborhoods do not have great access to quality food. Combining the spirit of the farmers' markets with the mobility of the food trucks overcomes this access challenge and brings healthy food options to communities that need it the most. Furthermore, farmers' markets typically require large areas of open public space (such as a plaza, square, or park) - something that can be hard to find in low income communities. With a Mobile Farmers' Market Food Truck, all that is needed is an area not much bigger than a parking space. The economic and business rationales of the Mobile Farmers' Market Food Truck have the potential to be quite strong - as vendors can increase their sales through access to new consumer markets with minimal overhead. What I like most about both farmers' markets and food trucks (as well as food and cooking more generally) is their communal nature (see for instance, the community response to Off the Grid, also in San Francisco The Mobile Farmers' Market Food Truck can foster community relations by offering new venues for social interaction and connecting diverse groups of actors that previously had minimal contact.

A little web research reveals that others have proposed a similar idea - see the links below for articles on the Good and Fast Company websites.


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"What I like most about both farmers' markets and food trucks (as well as food and cooking more generally) is their communal nature"

^ Well said!

The food truck movement is picking up in the Northeast:

Sometimes there tends to be a sense of urgency when food shopping. The food purchasing experience itself is, at times, crammed into one's schedule.

I was recently on the west coast where I luckily happened to be in LA on the first Friday evening of the month for Abbot Kinney (Venice, CA) ( What a great experience. On top of the opportunity to try a variety of foods from a whole street of food trucks, there are galleries, boutiques and small live bands to check out while eating and walking around. I could see farmer food trucks really being appreciated after a solid week of work, with good company. Fresh veggies can be served with various sauces as samplers, accompanied but locally brewed wine and beer. Further info if appreciated can be posted on the truck (another concept I remember reading mentions using trucks as billboards) or accessed through a simple QR cod scan.

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