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Lukewarm Wednesday

Lukewarm Wednesday is a campaign that involves children in healthy and sustainable cooking. Their challenge is to inspire their parents/family. It creates awareness about the origin of (organic) products in a fun way.

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This idea is previously generated in another context, where the challenge organizers asked for the creation of a movement. Below I describe in short my entry.

In the Netherlands children are free from school on Wednesday afternoon and they get the assignment to investigate how a sustainable and healthy meal can be prepared.

The challenge is to eat in the most sustainable way (first) on Wednesdays. When going into the details people will experience it is not easy to prepare these kind of meals. Calculators on the footprint of ingredients are available; people will notice that for a simple soup the ingredients have travelled thousands of miles (tomatoes from Brasil, spices from India, etc).

The reason to start such a movement/campaign is to teach young children about healthy and sustainable food so that they will make the right choices in the future. Recent research showed that kids from urban areas sometimes do not even know that milk comes out of a cow..

Secondly, they help their hard working parents with sustainable cooking. Another effect is that buying organic, seasonal and locally produced products is stimulated and will become cheaper. Why to leave out meat once in a while becomes much more understandable as the real reasons for that finally become clear.


Finally, this campaign should be organized in a fun way which will give children power and responsibility. They should get enthusiastic about them being responsible for their families diner.

Lukewarm Wednesday (in Dutch it is called Lauwe Woensdag, which sounds somewhat better...) can be pushed and organized by the government, but also producers of organic and locally produced products can join forces to set this up. Websites and mobile phone applications make it possible to share and discuss recepies, to find out the details about the origin of products and to present the right ingredients.


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Photo of Elmar Stroomer

Thank you all for your support!

It was meant for inspiration as I thought this idea would not really 'fix' the problem, but now I think about it, I can elaborate on it and will add it in the concepting phase as well.

Arjan, I am glad that you like it. I am sure people with English as their first language will not like Lauwe Woensdag more than Lukewarm Wednesday!

About the school gardens, I am not familier with these type of gardens. I can imagine something, it sounds like a concept born in the 60's or so, created for urban kids. I grew up in a very small village and there were gardens (moestuintjes) everywhere. I will ask around!

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