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Is local food that expensive?

This is actually not much of an inspiration, but more a personal observation. Most people believe local (and good) food is expensive... Which can negatively influence consumer choice, especially for those who are price sensitive.

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There are two ways I can think of to address this issue (but please feel free to comment on this):

1. Either actually show that local food is not much more expensive (in the places where it actually is), given that we reduce a certain number of costs (transportation mainly, sometimes packaging, etc.).

This is an interesting read (and Image credits):

2. In the situations where local food is more expensive, focus on the added value (in terms of health, savor, nutrients, etc.) that it brings. And it is not only good for the consumer, but also for the environment.
People already spend a fortune on nice wine and beer and other food products, because they see their added value, but when it comes to fruits and vegetables, people treat them as commodities. This is where something could be done (in the form of a campaign, of involving celebrity chefs, in terms of marketing and branding, etc. etc.).


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Agreed Mohammad! Great idea, thanks for the comment!

Photo of Mohammad Aghaya

I think the second point you mentioned is highly important. the values of organic productions. You can add to values the sympathy with hard workers in rural.
by buying organic products we keep their producers standing and developing. More thriving villages, less polluted cities.
Very nice observation. Thank you. .

Photo of Meena Kadri

I often find it incredible when I go to our local farmers market here in Wellington and pick up something like plums for $2.99 per kilo and when I wander over to the supermarket across the road to grab other supplies, see folks forking out $6.99 for plums imported from overseas! Sometimes I tell them nicely to check out the market over the road – other times I just look an on horror.

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Sarah, yes, I think there is definitely a concept in the combination of this inspiration and the one I mentioned.
Don't forget to link the two (it will bring you extra DQ points as well)

Photo of Sarah Fathallah

Arjan, I just watched it, thanks for mentioning it! I think we could also use all the arguments about the negative effects of genetically modified food on the consumer's health to favor local food. And it's definitely something that would convince mothers very easily.

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Sarah, have you seen that Food security inspiration? In the talk the hidden costs of unsustainable production are mentioned. Maybe good to link it here as well.

Photo of Krassimira Iordanova

Sarah, I like how you outlined the two options; I observe people who travel to the South of France to purhcase cases of great wine and champagne and at the same time purchase cucumbers at the super market for

Photo of Sarah Fathallah

I agree Arjan! I think we can benefit a lot from price transparency if it's done well.

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Great thinking. Even if locally produced food is more expensive directly, there are hidden costs that people often don't see. Raised taxes, for example, because of pollution or unemployment that have to be dealt with by governments. I think it can be very helpful to make these visible in some way.