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I Love Our Farmers Market

My 6 year old daughter had the best day ever at the Timaru Farmers Market today.

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From my daughter, Claudia (6 years old) –

"I went last Sunday to our Timaru Farmers Market to sell rubber balls I made to give money to help with the Christchurch Earthquake. Lots of people bought them and this week I made some pens and animals and my friends Loganne and Milly came with me and made balls and animals and we sold them too.

I love going to the Farmers Market because I see lots of my friends there to play with. There is really yummy food . I had a muffin and some apple juice and an ice cream and some fudge. Everyone is really friendly and we went round to ask everyone to buy things from us and we sold HEAPS. Some other kids came and joined us and made things too.

Oscar, my brother, came with us today and helped making apple juice. People bring apples from their trees and Oscar was asked to help with lots of other kids. He got given a great big chopper on a handle and then they put the apples into a barrel which squeezes the juice out. Anyone can buy a glass for 50 cents... it was really yummy. We stayed for the whole morning. I want to go every Sunday and Oscar does too."


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still think is genius.

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thanks for saying that

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Claudia, I love the happiness I feel when I read about your experience! It makes me want to go to come find you so that I can support you. Thank you so much for sharing! It is very inspirational!

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Claudia, this is really inspiring - it's lovely to see someone who is only six years old connecting having fun with yummy food! Being in a friendly environment with family is what a great number of people dream of.

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This in itself is a great inspiration to have someone as little as you, Claudia, to participate in a challenge of this magnitude :) I came across a similar farmer's market that has started in Mumbai, my beloved city too.’-Market-.html
Keep up the good work! Looking forward to hear your ideas in the concepting phase!

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Excellent Claudia! I just had to applaud this even though by applauding this I have beaten my OWN inspiration (Fruitmap) in total number of applauses :-)

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Wow Claudia! We're so excited to have you on board the OpenIDEO Express. At 6 years old, we're pretty sure you're the youngest to join us yet. Your farmers market sounds really cool.

I notice the sign you are holding in your hand says "For Dad" and have figured out that your Dad also posted about your Farmers Market:
Hope I get to come visit there one day – and join in on making apple juice (or do they only let kids do that?)

We move into the Concepting Phase later this week – so maybe you, your Dad, Oscar, Loganne, Milly and other friends might have some ideas and comments to help us out there. Given the creativity and insight you've shown us so far we imagine you'd have some great thoughts. And we're loving your collaborative attitude!