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Grow your own veggie this year

Grow you own veggie this year using a highly efficient, productive and portable Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP) you can make from two 5-gallon food-grade buckets

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In an unstable world, efficiently growing food locally provides a true oasis of security. Sub-Irrigated Planters (SIPs) are the most efficient and foolproof way to grow tons of food anywhere with a little sunshine. Even toddlers like my two year old daughter (with a little help!) can make their own SIP using two 5-gallon food-grade buckets. The SIPs remain free of weeds and minimize maintenance, needing watering only once every 3 days.

Everyone is very likely to eat the veggie they grew themselves (it's tastier!), providing good health as a "side-effect". My young son and daughter picked and ate the "Sun Gold" cherry tomatoes we grew on our balcony on South St in Philadelphia all summer while saving a tidy amount from the monthly food budget.

Making a SIP then planting, growing and harvesting their own tomato or any other vegetable they fancy will boost the local community's sense of accomplishment tremendously. The SIPs are scalable and portable while obviating the risks from contaminated urban soils. The community can organize a local farmer's market to sell the produce. Children can use them to learn science and entrepreneurial skills and run their own healthy food cafeteria at school.

Bob Hyland has shared lots of smart urban food growing resources here:

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Avi, this is such a great idea. Lots of people who grew up in rural area or their parents did and later on moved to the cities, have a lot of positive associations with growing their own fruits and vegetables in the gardens of their houses when their were kids...These positive emotional associations are very powerful...