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Greenhouse by Joost

The Greenhouse is an amazing pop-up cafe that I was lucky enough to go to when it was in Melbourne's Federation Square. It's a totally different way of thinking about what a cafe is and can do.

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The Greenhouse is an amazing pop-up cafe that I was lucky enough to go to when it was in Melbourne's Federation Square. It's a totally different way of thinking about what a cafe is and can do. Flour is ground fresh at the cafe every day, strawberries grow on green walls, and herbs on the roof. Coffee is served in jam jars and, in its Melbourne incarnation at least, sun was streaming through the clear recyclable plastic walls. Gorgeous!

"The Greenhouse is about designing and operating better places for people. Places that let us touch natural materials, understand where everyday things come from and taste fresh food straight from the garden.

Designers, engineers, builders, scientists, farmers, chefs and others are among those whose knowledge and advice have gone into every aspect of creating the Greenhouse, from the lighting, to the menu, to the fresh baked bread and the worm farm. The Greenhouse aims to harness the growing understanding of the human footprint to offer alternative solutions that tread a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

All the features of the Greenhouse are carefully considered first for their practicality, recyclability, life cycle and embodied energy and then for their aesthetics and cost. By putting each decision through this rigorous process, it is hoped that the Greenhouse can provide information and examples to builders, designers, restaurateurs and the public, regarding their daily choices of materials, ingredients, and practices."


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This is definitely a great concept but with it's high ceiling and being so spacious, immediately a thought came up my mind. How are they going to survive and be profitable, especially when they are based in the Melbourne's central area when rents aren't that cheap.

Maybe it's the suspicious nature and curiosity that brought me to click on to the two links listed above and God am I right. The website's down for both links and they've probably gone out of business.

This is a reality check for all entrepreneurs out there. There are the real 'Entreprenuers' and there are the 'Wantrepreneurs'. Based on my own observation, I could see the 'Wantrepreneurs' outweighing the 'Entrepreneurs' by a 100 to 1.

In my circle of friends, many of them are born rich, with a silver spoon in their mouths. Most of them have also graduated from the Ivy league. They tend to want to do something different without considering many factors. They think that being different will result in people giving them business.

What they didn't realize was that being different is just one USP (Unique Selling Proposition). In order to succeed they definitely need more USPs. The more the merrier.

They should look into who are their competition, how can they be better, how do they win their competition's customer's over, how do they reach out to them or to the market.

Of course, when you are in a new market, you are taking an extremely huge risk as there isn't much statistics into what you're doing and you're simply doing everybody a favour by helping them pave the way. Now, the new competition could decide if what you did was disastrous and avoid it.

I think VCs should start fund companies with realistic business models and those that spends their funds wisely. They should also fund those that knows how to market their products especially those that already has come customer base and has a proof of concept.

Edmund Ng

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