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Food can tell it's story

Using a RFID tag and QR code on a product label, consumer can scan it with their Iphones and hear the story about that product, how was it made, who were involved, how it got to the supermarket, some curious facts. It's time for a good storytelling.

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Remeber Me - - it's a collaborative project between Oxfam and TOTeM that aims to involve customers with the story about the object for sale. In that case, they create a label for a used clothing shop, and everytime consumer scan that label with a QR Code on their Iphones or Android, they could listen to the story recorded by the ex-owner.


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This is fascinating from both an ethical sourcing/organic perspective and a branding perspective when we're talking about adapting it to food industries. I know personally that if I could scan produce/products in the supermarket and hear where they come from, the carbon footprint it took to get them there, whether they're organic, what health attributes they provide etc. then it would absolutely act as an incentive/disincentive to purchase.

So the ownership over the technology will be crucial as I imagine food producers will fight against negative context/information being provided to their branding and products. I imagine this technology/concept would be embraced primarily by those leading brands who see the potential to tell consumers more about the USPs of their products and subsequently build greater loyalty and sales power.

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