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Farmer- chef connection!

Farmers’ markets are growing exponentially. But many farmers and chefs still seem to struggle to find each other and work together. Looking at bridging the gap between farmers and chef's in the means of 'speed dating'

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Farmer-Chef Connections bring together farmers, fishers, ranchers and foragers with chefs, institutional food service buyers and culinary school instructors for panel discussions, networking and great food. The goal is simple: Connect the producer and the buyer in a relaxed, fun setting, and let them work together to figure out how to do business with each other directly.

14 farmers were invited to join the 60 or so chefs and culinary students attending the ACF meeting After the chefs and students spent an hour and a half grazing their way around a room full of samples presented by the farmers, they all sat down to a gourmet dinner made from local ingredients supplied by the farmers. By making sure every table had two farmers paired with eight chefs, so they had plenty of time to get to know each other.

A gourmet lunch prepared by local chefs included ingredients from local farms. But to talk to farmers and chefs in attendance, the real star of the Portland event was the networking session modeled after speed dating. During this 105-minute session, buyers and sellers were paired up with likely business matches—ranchers with chefs looking for grass-fed beef, for instance—to allow them to get to know each other. After a period of time, the chefs all moved to another group of farmers.

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This is a great inspiration Vritti! We're keen for folks to explore the networks which may be developed between food producers and beyond in the Concepting Phase to enhance their paths to market. This is a wonderful example along those lines.