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Extending the CSA Model: Community Supported Fisheries

By using a subscription model (like a CSA), fishing communities can create a market for "fair trade fish" that promotes sustainability, preserves a fishing a livelihood and connects consumers to producers & higher quality, more affordable food.

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Community Supported Fisheries achieve several important outcomes at once:

1) they deepen ties between rural fishing communities more urban consumers

2) they create a market for fair-trade fish where the fishing community gets a fair price for their catch and consumers get a superior price for a higher quality purchase (by reducing middlemen).

3) they encourage sustainability because fishermen have guaranteed buyers they can be more selective about what they fish for, how they fish and where they fish.

4) this practice helps keep a struggling industry alive, promotes safety in an industry that is among the most dangerous (rather than fishing for whatever is fetching the best price, fishermen with a guaranteed buyer can fish more selectively and factor in weather/safety).

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Thanks Meena. Yes, that's the exact kind of thinking we should be doing (in addition to developing new models) asking ourselves how creatively models we have could be re-purposed. I should also note that this concept could have as easily fit in "Innovations in Food" and there isn't a way to cross-list a ideas into two mission streams but, thankfully, someone else had already posted about this there. So, if you're interested in learning more about this CSF concept, search for "fisheries" above and you'll get that other example

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