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Commitment to Infrastructure, Flexibility, Portability & Experience

How often do you return from a trip & tell someone about the market(s) you visited? They assault your senses and leave a lasting impression. Market structures that provide indoor/outdoor experiences for locals and visitors are great urban assets.

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A permanent structure that houses a public market signifies a commitment to a market culture. Often the markets that offer the most memorable experience have both an indoor area and an outdoor area with blurred boundaries between inside and out. Permeable market walls/boundaries allow strong sensory connections between indoor & outdoor/street activities. An area dedicated to allowing the use of portable and adaptable street stalls and carts offers an opportunity for more diversity in market participation.

Doesn't every city have a neglected space under a bridge that could be the next Granville Island?


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Mixing quick onsite food options with produce and product sales would definitely help drive their sustainability. People go to grab a bite to eat and stay to shop around for food for their home.

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Thanks. I loved Granville Island, especially for how it filled the space under a bridge with such a colorful experience, a space more often deserted and dark. Granville seemed to cater to both locals & tourists, similar to Pike Place in Seattle. Living in Boston, it would be great to see the conversion of the Quincy Market building back to it's original use, as a fresh food market, abandoning the fast food market it's become. Or at least a good mix of fresh and fast.

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Loving how you equate this with potential 'urban assets'.

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Great inspiration, Mae. I live in Vancouver so appreciate Granville Island Market immensely! And agree that I feel the same way after visiting markets in other cities. Getting to meet farmers directly is a fabulous way to connect the production to the consumption (and usually involves some free tasting of new foods!).