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Appreciate the life and colors of local markets

Going to the local market is a delight for me. I enjoy talking to the farmers, smelling fresh fruits, buying cheese and bread from a family business, getting fish from a local producer, eating a bite, etc.

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Unfortunately in big cities and suburbs we are loosing this pleasure, because some times is easier and faster to go to Wallmart to buy our frozen stuff for the next two months.

How can we get people back to local markets?

Specialized boutiques are good places to get local products also. Here are some examples of boutiques in Montreal (sorry if they are in French):


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I think going to a local market to pick fresh produce with your own hands, enhances the entire food intake experience - the joy cooking what you just bought and then consuming what you prepared with it.

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Great point about the sensual aspect of food. Sometimes frozen blobs of stuff in plastic packaging which emits no smell and no social dimension just doesn't cut it! Might it also be about reintroducing the market to the supermarket...

We have a brilliant store here in Wellington, New Zealand called Moore Wilsons Fresh that has policies about stocking local vegetables where possible, they have a lot of in-store demos (with actual producers), they have festivals with live music, they promote seasonality. Even though it's the size of a medium supermarket and has various national outlets – it's still a family business – and feels like one. Somehow they've figured out how to marry the best of small-scale, artisanal supply with urban demand and added in other things which make it all tick. It has a lot of elements you're discussing here.

Though I gotta say – being an annual visitor to India – I do love a good outdoor market. Give me one over a museum or art gallery anytime!

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Definitely, for me is about talking with people and build a relationship with them.

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For me, it's not only about the food, but also the community and human interaction. I completely agree with you that part of the pleasure is talking to the farmers and hearing about their passion for and pride in the food. I think it makes me appreciate the food I'm eating more when I associate it with an actual person/people.

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Great thoughts here. Can we experience at home, the excitement and interest in visiting local markets when abroad?

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Yes, it's interesting, and sometimes very surprising. I once stumbled upon a market in Cuba. For locals. And it had the widest assortment of food items I have seen my whole trip on the island. It gave a completely different impression.
Great inspiration!

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Wherever I travel i go to the market, I think is a place to see and understand a little bit more the local culture.

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Yes, the local markets are very interesting places. I remember the first time here in Latvia that I wanted to buy some lamb's meat. I had no idea what the Latvian (or Russian) word for it was. So by mimicking the sounds of animals, we found out that some sellers were only selling pork and beef, and that for lamb we had to go to a certain person a bit further. It was a very fun experience.