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About where things come from

Visibility of food is a crucial issue for urban people. There is a great example showing where things come from - Sourcemap (

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In urban area people are increasingly worried about food safety and demand a right to know where food comes from and what it is made of. In my city seoul, restaurants post information of the home of food specially for meat after bird-flu and food-and-mouth disease hit Korea. Mothers check food materials if they come from China.

Meanwhile, in rural areas farmers long for more profitable supply chains.

I remembered there is a good example show a possibility to meet boths urban and rural needs. It is an open source project called Sourcemap (, a platform for researching, optimizing and sharing supply chains.

It is definitely beneficial for both urban and rural people. Moreover, I found it is interesting it could be a great tool for restaurant owners to access great food materials and to even build trusts on customers by showing the home of food materials. We can envision there could be more solid business model and platform on this challenge.


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I hope this case can add some ideas for the inspiration:

What I mean is: we're going to have a successful project in a community-based initiative if PEOPLE are involved. This connection between production and point of sale is all about humanizing the process.

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