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a Free Farm Stand in San Francisco

One man goes above and beyond to bring a free farmer's market to a park in the Mission district of San Francisco, and it's blossomed into a true community event.

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A few years ago, I came across the Free Farm Stand. It was started by a man named Tree who wanted to make local produce more accessible to everyone. He goes to farmer’s markets near the end of the day and picks up unsold produce, transports them on his bike and gives it away for free to anyone who comes to the farm stand. They also harvest things from local community gardens and give away seedlings. It’s entirely run by volunteers.

It’s been amazing to watch it grow over the years-- it really brings the community together. People will volunteer to do cooking demonstrations and play live music. The kids in the community get to see where their food comes from, and are able to plant seeds, take them home and watch them grow.


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For several months, I had heard from friends about a FREE FOOD MARKET at 23rd & Treat. So, I decided to "step out of my box" and have a new experience.

Just left the "Free Farm Stand" at 23rd & Treat; got re-acquainted with 3 ole friends of mine; ran into three friends that were volunteering [karma yoga - community service]; got free arugula, free kale, free chive plant starters, got some tasty focaccia and then some - A WONDERFUL WAY TO HANG WITH MY NEIGHBORS & get some FREE FOOD - Thank you so much Free Farm Stand for being a positive addition to Humanity! -

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