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Your food travels! (Campaign)

Our food can travel very far distances to get to our plate! But what about the produce close to us? The idea is to have large window stickers on subway carts, bus, train, cars, or anything that moves that features a local food product on sale at a local grocery store. Somewhat like an advertisement the sticker would be bringing awareness by featuring a local farmer and their product (available in local stores). In viewing these poster-like stickers people will not only become aware of what identifies to be a local product, but they will be able to buy the product and get a more detailed account of how it was produced and who was involved once inside the store. Incentive to buy would be a discount on the product. Incentive for grocery stores to participate would be to bring customers into their stores. The catch is, in order to participate, the shops must carry local products. This then rewards those shops that support local farmers.

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The goal will be to also get as many private car owners displaying these stickers in a (safe) location where people can see it when it is parked or at a stop. Stickers will be available (for a small donation in support of local farmers) to everyone at checkout in participating grocery stores.

What is in it for me if I display this sticker on my car?

If you get spotted with this sticker on your vehicle by our Campaign van, you will have the chance to win free groceries for a month! Winners will be announced bi-weekly. Apart from the chance to win free groceries, you support local farmers and bring awareness to their cause!

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This is an interesting concept, slightly different than the other Organic/Local Foods campaigns. I like the aspect about the proud consumer getting spotted with the sticker. Maybe enhance the idea by including a window decal (that is not necessarily a sticker) would be more practical for drivers. But a sticker for bikers or even pedestrians to put on their reusable grocery bags.

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YES, you are right! I neglected to note that the sticker that would be provided for the private drivers would be removable! Thank you for pointing that out! I like the idea of including cyclist! Good thinking. I appreciate your comment!