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A commercial ad campaign, it inspires buyers of local and organic food to create their own video-clips to compete for a local award ceremony. Folders and Flyers with instructions can be on shelves in supermarkets, convenience stores and farmers markets.

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Convince consumers who buy the good local ingredients to make the publicity campaigning for the local farmers and industry.

Inspire people that buy local food and organic brands to record a short video-clip or music video of themselves; shopping, cooking or eating, recycling, composting, fiction-stories, instructional tutorials...
Anything goes, just as long as it is strictly food-related and promoting any of Queenslands produce.

Make them upload the videos onto a forum, where all participants can watch the videos and vote for them, and spread the links throughout other social forums like facebook and so on.
Rules should be simple, so all ages could try to participate. Inspire people to be creative, and to "remix" other video-clips into fun collage and "mash-ups". Make sure all participants understand the rules of public domain and Creative Commons "Share-ware", so that all video submitted in the competition is open to sampling and remixing to others.
Make sure all participants realize that their submissions could be used in tv-ads for locally-made food.

Folders and flyers printed with instructions should be on shelves next to the local food in the shops. On a Farm or Farmers Market it is easy to build a little "video-booth". People without video-camera can pay a small fee to record a 30 second clip as their contribution to this competition. And they can get the film directly onto a CD or DVD to bring home, almost like Elvis Presleys first recording. (the films recorded in the video-booth can be uploaded automatically to internet or manually by the staff transporting it to next farmers market for next week)

Awards for best film (or maybe many categories? for different age groups?)
organize an annual award ceremony (complete with red carpet and golden trophies?) (or combine this event with a local film or food festival?)
Give away big gift baskets full of local, organic and fresh produce to all winners.
(have the award ceremony in the middle of a field? broadcast live on local TV?)

My concept name "Un-Shell-fish" is just a suggestion (work-in-progress), any local organisation or company can sponsor it to get the rights to add their name as the logo. Or the first assignment in the competition is to submit ideas for a name and symbol for the whole campaign, and it should be a locally produced, bred or caught agricultural, fish-related, animal or crop-related name.

With this concept we get consumers to "adopt-a-farmer" in the larger subliminal meaning, we do not make any personal contact with actual farmer, (so we do not take up any of their valuable time) but awareness and positive attitude towards the whole local industry of farming, fisheries, cattle farms, food and foodrelated processing.
We could inspire people to do lots of research in their local farms for new video-clips.


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I also LOVE the mash-up, remix aspect! :)

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Hi Johan! Let's definitely collaborate on this one. We should build on your concept since you posted it first. I really like Arjan's suggestion for a farmer's favorite category. What do you think?

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yes, I agree, but feel that you had outlined a lot of details and organization. I really just thought about the general idea, and setting up a template and a relatively simple model that is easy enough that it could be developed and designed in detail later, by the users, in an open collaboration.

I would like to hear what details out of my proposal that you would want to copy and insert into your concept. I have no sence of pride or "ownership" of this idea. Hey, even the name is crap, now when I think about it... ;-p

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