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traveling festivals

different locations grow treasures that are the pride of their inhabitants, leveraging this could provide an easy means of raising awareness

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Gilroy, California, is the Garlic Capital of the World and hosts an annual garlic festival. Plant City, Florida, is the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World and hosts and annual strawberry festival. Wenatchee, Washington, is the Apple Capital of the World, also hosting an annual festival.

These specialties are clearly ploys by these cities (Gilroy processes the most garlic, but is not the world leader in garlic production; Plant City claims to produce the most strawberries during the winter, but Oxnard, California, and Belleville, Michigan, claim to be the strawberry capitals as well) to drive tourism and celebrate the production in the area.

My point is that it works - people come from all over to visit these festivals. This is a fantastic way to highlight each region's specialties, maybe wine or olives or cheese or whatever. If done properly, not only will the fairs celebrate the producers, but it could also be an interesting means of going beyond and showing off the cultural aspects of the foods and traditions. By engaging different cities each month, this could be a way to reconnect with heritage lost.

After doing a cursory search on fairs in Queensland, it seems that there is space to host such fairs.

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I think you're on to a winner here--quite a few concepts are very similar! The one most similar is perhaps

but there are a few others if you search for "festival."

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Just what I was going to suggest Michael. Great idea Justin. If it works already, there's no reason why a locally sourced farmers festival cannot happen in Queensland.

check out these concepts as you may want to build on them:

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thanks y'all - i did a more in-depth search and drummed up a couple of ideas that seemed to fit pretty well, one by louise herself in the inspiration phase!