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The Importance of villages

During past decades we had growing immigrations from villages to cities. I think now is the time to reverse it and help villages to keep their population and positively grow it. Without peppy and generating villages countries face too many problems in food, health, pollution and etc.

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I have traveled to different villages in different atmospheres like desert, mountains, forests and islands. If there be some young people and you have chance to talk with them about their dreams, most of them say they want to leave their village because at their village they have not what television shows; prestigious universities, fancy malls, amusement parks, good hospitals, beautiful girls or boys and etc. when we talk with them about their village goodness, about their beautiful environment, their clean air, organic food, friendly families and low risky life they will laugh. Because just sometimes, some of us go to their villages on vacations, with our high class cars, take picture of them, use our vacuum tools and toiletries, and when vacation finish we have lot of hurry to come back to our cities; means to our prestigious jobs.

People in the village have to know how much we need them, how much they are important for those people live in cities. They should know their jobs at their villages are as important as the doctor’s jobs, as important as senators and we have to show them our respects. If we really need more organic and happy villages we have to encourage people to go to villages, invest, work and maybe live there.

I guess governments have lot of to do in this case. Here in Iran, governors based on bad strategy planning (at least in my mind) and excessive focus on industrial factories and development, caused many damages in brilliant lands for agriculture, and made many empty villages. However now they try to fix it, but this try need something more than just a strategy. Its need believe, art and creativity and people sympathy. If we believe the importance of the villages, we will work for it.

I guess I affected by some events I have watched by my eyes in this case. So excuse me if this writing was too emotional.



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This is a very interesting point, and very passionate, as Johan said. Maybe it is worth to consider French wine makers. Oenology, the science of wine-making, has become an expert job, in which senses, chemistry knowledge and geological knowledge are important aspects. This grew from the importance of wine production, and mainly takes places in smaller places. In other words: specialisation, and as you rightfully said in an earlier comment, connecting local traditional expert science, with modern technology.

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