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The FEED directory {food energy efficient directory}

All food should have a energy effiency rated value label{FEED} to indicate how effeciently it has been produced in terms of effect on the environment . Obviously organic food grown locally and transported by the most clean effecient transport would have the best rating.

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The FEED  rating label would be applied at point of sale . It would be a computerised stick on label , that would be applied by retailer after the food item source code was fed into computer along with the point of sale location . This would then give the rating , Price could also be put onto label also . The source code would be visible on the label. Consumers could also use that code to access a directory which the code would then be used to find the company . Consumers could then check out similar priced produced from companies via the source codes to further determine in more detail which company they felt was the most social and enviromentally superior.The rating label would take into account energy efficiency of factory or farm,work conditions , other green credentials ,distance travelled of produce to market and energy efficient of transport vehicle .Distance travelled would be a major part of the rating calculation ,and that would be shown on card . Obviously using electric vehicles would improve rating considerably .

Its important to make energy effecient purchasing decisions also in relation to food.
The producer ,retail and consumer supply chain need to be made more transparent so that consumers make purchasing decisions that with enhanced sourced information when required by the source code to assist in creating a more effecient healthier food economy with massive reductions in pollution and raising of standards .The rating card scheme and the company directory could be called the food  energy efficeint directory - FEED

FEED could be started as a private initiative with companies joining to enhance thier status and be encouraged to make further improvements to get a higher FEED rating .Consumers would be engaged in moreso from companies committed to FEED and its greater disclosure of each companies practices and  the eco-improvemnet objectives .

It could also be a statutory organisation initiated by a nation state to qualify companies- food producers in terms of energy effeciency of food produced and supply to in effect improve the supply chain by ehanced  consumer information via the FEED label.


The FEED rating would be determined by the amount of energy a company used to produce the food , that would involve the types of farming methods,machinery ,fuel consumption, green technology used ,solar ,hydro .Types of fertilsers and labour . That combined with the distance travelled to the point of sale . There would be a whole host of variables to be cross assessed to reach a rating figure .There may be a two part rating ,one for the company and product excluding the distance travelled and then one with the distance travelled . That would mean consumers could just then at least compare  company standards as well according to the first part rating.

I see this lable being similar but better than the energy saving trust lable for electrical products -UK. In effect a FEED label would be for food products.

The FEED lables could then be governed by a parent organisation called the Food energy efficient trust or FEET


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I guess that FEED + FEET would be pretty good at walking their talk?!

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Well I suppose that carrying FEED by FEET would be environmentally frendly,carbon neutral way of transporting FEED...........a logo I expect would include a foot or feet!