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Tax incentives/buy-back schemes for grow-your-own

To incentivise homeowners/renters with gardens to grow their own produce you could offer tax breaks, such as breaks on council or equivalent tax. And/or you could generate guaranteed buy-back schemes where local homeowners enter into agreements with local food stores (such as corner stores, or the local food truck!) or with local community schemes to sell on their produce for added incentive.

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Providing tax breaks for grow-your-own gardens would stimulate a great interest in creating more local food production chains, also stimulating more employment in this industry. (In the UK, for example, this would take the form of a council tax break - the tax you pay on your residential property to fund local government activities and services.) If you don't have time to grown produce, why not offer up your free space to those without available land who want to grow food  - you get the tax break and they get access to soil and fresh produce.

A buy-back scheme would ensure that you are able to also guarantee selling on your produce to the local store ( or swapping it on a points system perhaps for other products) or to a super-local veg box scheme - perhaps done by street. Growers would then be able to collaborate on a very local basis as to who should grow what, perhaps encouraging specialisation to complement others' efforts and increase community network resilience.


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Nice. Loving how this builds the local economy. Wondering what other angles could be taken with food in mind that would add value to the community and be worthy of a tax break/incentive... hmm... I feel like there is a build building here...

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Hi Chris - thanks for your comment. Yes I’m sure there must be other ways to bring in incentives! I think consumers of local veg should also be rewarded. So perhaps there could be a points system , a bit like a supermarket reward card, which, when it builds up, entitles you to government backed perks – such as free cinema tickets? Discounts off eco products? Rail offers? Etc. I wonder if there could be a way of linking this with evidence of how much CO2 emissions, for example, that this local economy has prevented, based on number of sales to local consumers, number of trips by car to supermarkets saved etc… Resulting in rewards at the community level?

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