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Spin N See: Kids iPhone Game

Based off of the Fisher Price's (IDEO designed) See N Say App, why not have a simple but telling app for kids to learn about different types of food and learn more about their source. An easy and fun game is just the start in a series of other connective media to start the process of connecting with food. Jamie Oliver went in schools (on one episode of his show) where he found kids (lots) who didn't know about some really basic foods:

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Some kid's can get a start by playing with an iPhone App that introduces new foods and the story behind them (Ages 2-4). I have sketched out 3 crude mock-ups that are basically adaptations off of the Fisher Price / IDEO iPhone app ( here). The video gives you a pretty solid understanding of what I'm proposing as the concept's functionality. Hopefully, it will be just another (fun) reference point for real life interaction with foods and their sources.


  • Different Categories: vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.
  • Simple Cartoon images: with fun facts when spin lands on it
  • Video Footage: a real life clip of the food and various random facts (like when it grows, where it grows, how it is grown, how it is harvested, and how it can be eaten)

*Thanks to the little ones in my life and the ones here like Claudia, for inspiring the drive to think this up :)


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Hi Sina,
I just came across this video, and thought it was a great way to make kids want to eat healthier... (You'd have to click on 'Stop motion', then 'DUEL A LA RECRE', and any of these videos :)
Maybe the game could include some kind of 'battle' between good food vs. junk food (of course, healthy food always wins). But it's a way for kids to internalize it (healthy food have more nutriments and vitamins, hence their strength and superiority :).

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