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SIX Rating

The SIX Rating makes a product's positive (or negative) effects on both the body and the environment more apparent, while also providing the opportunity to educate consumers.

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Building off of Whole Foods' seafood sustainability charts and Walmart's sustainability index, my proposal is for a system that can be utilized in any store according to proposed international standards. A product's SIX (Sustainability Index) Rating falls into one of three categories: great (green), good (yellow), and decent (dark grey). To calculate a SIX Rating, a product's locality to the place of purchase, the processes used to grow/make it, and other factors (organic, packaging, etc...) are all considered.

In stores, the rating can appear as a sticker on the product itself or near the price-tag (similar to ANDI or NuVal Scores). The rating, in the form of a modified QR code, offers many opportunities to further educate consumers. The code could simply link to a farmer/manufacturer's website or could even display specific information, such as when the product was harvested.

If something like this were to take off, it would also push manufacturers to reassess their own production methods to increase their SIX Ratings.The idea could be scalable to a website where you (the consumer) can track your own SIX Score based on purchases. Coupons could be offered to those with higher Scores, incentivising both consumers and stores to participate.

*Obviously, the dark grey and sad faces are a bit heavy handed, but if a system like this were to become reality, it could simply be a 1-100 score.


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Very interesting idea. Have you seen the GoodGuide inspiration? Maybe you can get some builds from that:

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Oh wow, I hadn't seen that. Thanks so much, Arjan! I wonder if this couldn't simply become a graphic application of that same idea?

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