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Show Your Wild Oats App

An QR code based application which connects supermarket produce to the narrative of production.

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A simple application which connects urban consumers with the agricultural producers of their goods.


1. Partnering with Small Farms to create farm specific digital narratives, including but not limited to a digital walk-through of the production process/facilities, farm history with pictures, bios of the proprietors and an opportunity to communicate with the farmers.

2. Creating and attaching farm specific QR codes which can be attached to produce packaging and link to farm-specific page.

3. Preferably having buy-in with some large retailers, who would like to emphasize local production.


As outlined in the graphic, the process would be a simple three stepper:

1. Scan QR code to reach farm narrative page

2. Agree to connect with the producer (Update: as per Benjamin's suggestion, this could have a location aspect to it, in that you would be shown associated farmers who are in a particular geographic area).

3. Play around with the (hopefully) fun and vivid digital narratives of real people involved in the making of the product in your cart.

Much thanks and credits go to the "Window to the Farm" concept and Sina's "SMS" Concept. I think that an important difference is that vivid digital narratives, which require better phones and connectivity, might provide a visceral experience. Also, an important process difference would be that the organizers would assist the farmers in the creation of their narrative, rather than just link to their original website. Oral life histories capture our attention, as any viewer of reality television would know. Plus there would be some sociological value in creating institutional histories of local farms and farmers. Lastly, if the app witnesses a appreciable uptake, these individual narratives could be combined to create a family tree of farming in a particular area over time, so for example, one could see where their grandparents got their produce from, as well as the diversification and growth of the agricultural production model over time in visual form.

Update: An example farm narrative video which combines some of these elements


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OMG,, I uploaded a really similar concept the other day. We are even using a very similar example "eggs".

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Heh. Love it. I think eggs appear to be the de facto example farm product. I later saw Sina had eggs on his image as well.

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