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Recipes for all seasons - recipe book competition

A competition where people devise recipes which use only local produce and enter them into 4 categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The best recipes are included in a book.

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Perhaps people don't really know which foods are produced locally or which foods are seasonal. This could be a fun way of getting people to research this and adapt their favourite recipes or invent new ones which use only local food. The concept is a competition where people will submit these recipes into one of 4 categories - the 4 seasons. The best recipes will be chosen to be included in a recipe book with each of the 4 seasons as a chapter. The book itself could be an ebook and/or a printed book and could feature local producers, telling their stories and showing photographs of their farms. 

Maybe the winners could win a month's supply of local produce as well as having their recipes used.

There could also be a schools section which would encourage children to be involved and learn about food.

A whole event about local food could be devised around the book launch.


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I like the idea! I was also thinking of a print or online recipe book that suggested seasonally-appropriate alternatives to our favorite meals. I notice that often times my friends and family eat a favored food or cook a favorite dish regardless of the time of year because first-off they are not aware of seasonal eating (our supermarket culture has made it possible to purchase anything at anytime and made us lose our sense of seasonal availability) and secondly they don't think of equally enjoyable alternates (that are seasonal or local)

I imagine the book could either be organized by seasons themselves or arranged by theme/course with the seasonal options for each.

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