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Pick 4 Us

The P.Y.O concept of picking your own fruit is a great way for people to either eat cheaper fruit, be outdoors, spending time with others on a farm or know where their food has come from. 'Pick 4 Us' encourages people to not only pick fruit for themselves but to spend a little longer picking extra fruit that could be sold in a local supermarket.

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If people who are interested in picking their own fruit could be encouraged to pick extra fruit at the same time that could be sold in a local supermarket, a connection can be made with where the food has come from.

Pick 4 Us being abbreviated into P4U can be seen as a clever way to show that you are picking for yourself and for others.

A problem between local producers and urban consumers is often cost - the big supermarkets are able to create price competition between smaller producers and are happy to ship food from a long way away if it means their costs are kept low. Helping smaller supermarkets (or even the large ones) sell affordable, local fruit which has a real connection with the community can help close the gap between rural food production and urban food consumption.

The people doing the picking could be incentivised to do this by receiving a reduced price on the food they want to take away or a 'People's Supermarket' idea could be introduced so that they receive a discount on the food in the shop that the food is sold in.

Most PYO places have a farm shop where you can simply buy their produce but if their produce was taken a few miles to a slightly larger village/town, consumers may be encouraged to visit their farm, the farms exposure would increase, people may feel the desire to support that local farm in other ways and can help spread messages:
- Buy Local.
- Eat Healthy.
- Know what you're eating.
- Improve communities.
- Work together.

Including a tag (building from my Swishing tag inspiration) with each basket saying who had picked the fruit leaves a legacy and passes on a message. I would leave a supermarket happy that I have bought fresh, healthy food produced by a local farm but with the convenience of buying it from the same place as my regular food shop.


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Wouldn't it be cool if businesses or organizations 'adopted' a row of fruit or veggies? It might serve as a great team building activity, too!

From a business marketing stand point, they might incorporate incentives or discounts to engage their customers in to P 4 Us.

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