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Online directory referenced on individual product labels

Create a simple directory that automatically creates a web-page for every farm (in the relevant catchment). Give each farm a code and put that on the food label.

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The online directory could have a default page but could be editable by the farm.

The code could even have a URL incorporated to go direct to that page - could do something like QR codes - but I like the visual simplicity of Kristel's idea.

Photo credits from the two original inspirers plus a little GIMPing
* /open/localfood/inspiration/produce-mapping-we-need-the-right-information-to-make-the-right-choices/

* /open/localfood/inspiration/a-stamp-in-the-products


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Completely agree with Mason and Johan. Food miles and "buying local" have gotten a lot more press than they should. One of the examples I like to think about is this: If you buy at various local markets and farms, how many trips will you be taking and how will you get there? If you can walk, or if the locations are close to your home, maybe not such a big deal. But if you are driving many miles to each stop, compared with potentially only one trip to a large grocery store, your footprint may be different than you think.

Other things to consider: local water resources, soil quality, and climate. It might be more sustainable to grow a crop far away and ship it than to grow locally with poorer growing conditions.

There is at least one other labeling system concept on this site (5 Star Food Labels) - might be good for all label enthusiasts to brainstorm together, debate the issues, and come to a consensus on what consumer labeling system might work best! Fantastic concept in theory.

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