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Marchfesten - the Queensland harvest festivals

A centuries old proven way to celebrate local food production are harvest festivals. There even is one in Queensland: the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest festival. This concept proposes to expand that to all regional hubs in Queensland on the same days in March (that is when the Stanthorpe festival is held).

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The Marchfesten will revolve mainly around celebrating food from local producers. A food fair is key, but also elements from many of the great concepts posted here before can be included. A public kitchen to teach people how to make easy and wonderful dinners out of the produce, a wine and food combination masterclass, open house on farms, etcetera. (See related concepts for more ideas). And of course a big barbecue.
Adding to that are other events. One important one is music: celebrate with live performances of (local) bands.
Another one could be a race. Semi-marathons along some of the farms in the region, to raise awareness of the producer sites.
An element that features on the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest festival is the election of Young Ambassadors. This could be linked to them (young girls and boys) to have a role in promoting local food throughout the year.
As  Samantha Wright suggested in the comments, it could also be great to have sector Ambassadors by selecting the restaurant, farmer and seller of the year, who have then the task of promoting local food in their sectors in the year to come.

There are of course many more elements that can be added. Feel free to do so in the comments :)

To connect with urban connected people, there should also be a possibility to organise your own event and connect it to the main organisation. The way Twestifal operates could serve as an example. People organising their own event can submit it on the festival main website, and have it featured on an interactive map of events.

More info on the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest Festival here:

Picture grabbed from the Queensland Museum website (without permission):


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This reminded me of Spargelzeit (asparagus-time) in Germany, where I saw restaurants especially, but grocery stores and media also, making a big deal of white asparagus's short season in early spring. There didn't seem to be any need for an organizing body--its tradition. Every restaurant of every type advertises a special menu featuring asparagus dishes: soups, sides, entrees, sauces, etc. I couldn't walk down the street without knowing it was Spargelzeit. So I think getting restaurants involved is key, not only through prizes and ambassadorships, but also by encouraging special menus and offerings during festival time.

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OH YES!!! In the Netherlands it's the same. They are nicknamed 'the white gold'. And it always makes me very happy. Unfortunately, where I live now it's much less. I still have to find the right local white asparagus grower. Because in the supermarket it's only white ones from Peru. Too far away, and not the same quality.
And, as I said in an inspiration, from the peels I make asparagus stock to use in risotto. Very good base.

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