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Local Product Zones + National Buy Local Contest

The Queensland government in partnership with a food-focused organization, will feature a local product zone in each city, where restaurants, businesses, schools etc. use products exclusively from rural farms. Photographers/videographers will capture the "field to table" story and feature them in venues across the city (which drives people to the local buy zone). Farmers markets like the Queensland Sunday Markets could be used as an opportunity for rural producers urban consumers to interact with each other. Those who buy are rewarded with "local points". The municipality with the most points receives a prize/special recognition.

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Rural producers may not have or want to have the capacity to both grow food and find urban consumers. My suggestion would be to use intermediaries like farmer's markets and retailers as conveners to bring the two groups together. 

Each city could designate an area as a local product zone where businesses (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) feature products that include locally produced food. To direct people to the zone, "field to table" stories could be featured across the city directing people to the zone. Those who purchase in the zone will receive points. 

This could culminate at various farmers market's where consumers are encouraged to meet the farmers featured in the local product zone. Those who meet the farmers receive additional points.

This process could include many social media applications, including 4square, Twitter and even Groupon.

The city with the most points will receive recognition in the form of an award.

Farmers is they still get to produce their food, but also expand their customer base by meeting businesses from various local product zones.
Businesses increase their customer base and get the support that drives customers to their establishment.
Urban consumers get to discover interesting places in their city, get points for buying local, increase their chances of winning an award and meet the faces of the people who make their food.
The Creative Community and Farmer's Markets get to share their work/promote their event to a much more captive audience.


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Field to table, pasture to plate, bounty to basket, cultivator to consumer, terroir to table, farm-gate to plate... I'm ready for social media micro-missives when you're ready to launch this festive future of food!

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Ohh, I like cultivator to consumer!