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Interactive Sculpture

The Interactive Sculpture creates a direct dialogue between urban dwellers and food producers. It consists of 2 camera devices, and 2 large scale screens. The idea reunites producers and consumers.

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This concept celebrates social interaction between city dwellers and farmers, producers and consumers, through technological means.

The Idea: A Dialogue

In the urban setting, the screen would be a focal point in an urban environment, or perhaps a playground. On the farm (or production facility), the screen could be located in areas that reveal the effort and daily activities that are required to produce food. The 2-way broadcast is live, sort of like a Skype call or web cam. The sculpture sparks mutual interest and appreciation for the daily activities of vastly different lifestyles, and encourages serendipitous encounters.


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Meena, they have a term for star architects: Starchitects. ;)

Wow, thanks everyone for the inspiring comments. I think placement (context) is key. From your comments, there seem to be a few ways to take this concept a step further. The other day I was flipping through some vacation photos, and came across several that I took on Times Square. I guess all the screens made me wonder what it would be like to create something like this. It does have an element of art...and I'm wondering if anybody knows of something similar that exists?

I would love to see some builds, suggestions, and even similar concepts. The idea of putting this in areas of food consumption is truly awesome, because it would provide tremendous feedback for the growers (live comments, ability to observe)...

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Something similar that exists (though only one way video projections) are the fountains in Chicago's Millennium Park.

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Thanks for sharing, Miles.

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:) On the theme of Times Square, wouldn't it be great to somehow take video of people in the city and show them on the screen on the farm?

A real "Green" Screen

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Hehe. It would be very engaging, particularly with opposite time zones (day / night).

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