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I ♥ LOCAL Mobile app

Mobile application to locate and connect participants of the “I ♥ LOCAL FOOD Campaign”. This app could be very useful to consumers since they can easily find farmers close to their area, markets, specialized boutiques, public kitchens, workshops, restaurants, etc.

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This app helps people to find:

1. Farmers close to your city for self-picking.

2. Farmers offering delivery of weekly-vegetables-baskets and/or participating to the P2P Farming program (see Sarah’s concept).

3. Local markets – Living in the city, the best way to get in touch with producers in everyday life is going to the local market. We can find different markets in the city, locate specific producers that sell local products and also who is importing quality products from around the world.

4. Boutiques specialized in local products – Bakeries, cheese producers, chocolatiers, fisheries, butcheries, etc.

5. Chefs and restaurants cooking with local products

6. Workshops, talks and activities related to nutrition, healthy cooking, composting, family economy, etc. All that for adults and kids.

7. Public Kitchens – Activities and schedules

8. Who is growing vegetables at home and trading in small quantities (see Gina’s concept)

9. Seasonal hubs from independent farmers/producers


Connect different communities in order to get a better knowledge of local products, where/when find them and how to cook them.

Get a more personal contact to producers. Each producer has a mini-profile page telling us their story, what they produce, how many people work at the farm, their process to do apple cider (for example), a funny story, their favourite recipe, or whatever they want to share with us. It could be a written profile with some video short cuts. This could be also very educative to children.

Since we can expand this producer’s profile pages very wide, we can have a blog platform running in parallel and keep the app simple and user’s friendly. In the blog people share recipes, their own farmer-consumer experiences, stories, watch videos, etc.

LOCAL Rewards Card – Consumers get points when visiting different producers stands at the market, boutiques, restaurants, etc. Points are exchangeable, for example: a free veggie-basket (20 pts), a workshop (40 pts), a dinner at a participant restaurant (60 pts), etc. People get the card only by having the app or being an active merber of the blog community. (See also linked concept I♥ LOCAL FOOD Campaign)


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This would be such a useful app! I love the points idea which gives you discounts for visiting the different producers etc

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