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Guerilla Campaign

Living in an urban environment sometimes disconnects us from the realities of the rural life. We consume but we donot understand where it comes from. How do we make urban connect with rural world? Can we remind them about rural food production and make them respect it?

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Make it into a Guerilla awareness camapign. if communities were to come togther and post information about farmer's market/ local food production and understanding of consumption and this was to be maintained in a open blog format so that more and more people could not only impart information in their part of the city/ town/ country but also give it access to huger audience. This blog in turn would be marketed through easy means of coins. Coins form the biggest part of the economic rotation in most of the countries. If the coins were to be used to tell about the blog, its reach would be more hands.

The idea is take low denomination coins and in the form of sticker contating the information about the blog paste it on the coin. This coin is then used in supermarkets and other such places to buy goods. These supermarkets in turn would hand out this petty cash as change to other customers and so the rotation. The possibility of people noticing this pasted sticker on the coin is high and as humans are born curious in nature many would also visit the blog and get more information.

Its a cost effective quick way of spreading awareness about food production and consumption.


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I love guerilla campaigns and your coin idea has sparked a concept I'm currently developing - I'll be building on this, thanks!

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Nothing like being an inspiration :) Glad my idea sparked ideas :)

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