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Grocery Scavenger Hunt

Scanning codes keep coming up and so do smartphone apps. I feel like combining the two would be great and it would work here. Have grocery scavenger hunts and you get a clue like "What food should I eat for protein?" and then you have to go scan some beans. Another idea, expanding on the same concept, is for a game console to be hooked up to a shopping cart when you get to the store to play your game and scan your items.

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Concept:  This smartphone application turns shopping into a fun, educational game.  It would be targeted at children but enjoyed by kids and adults alike.  When playing the game hints are given such as "What food is produced only in tropical climates?" and the player would go scan a banana, or coffee bar code (I know in the graphic it shows a QR code but I think bar code information would be easier to implement).  Further information is then provided about the banana such as health information as well as distance traveled to the grocery store.

Why producers want this implemented?:  Getting educated about your food will provide a source of pride to producers and you will discover more about the quality of the food.

Why grocery locations want this implemented?:  This would be another marketing tool for a grocery location and the software itself could be integrated into the stores marketing program, perhaps offering coupons through the game.

Why consumers want this implemented?:  This makes going to the grocery store that much more fun.  Kids will be excited about going.

This program could also be tied into a shopping list. You make the list and it automatically generates the scavenger hunt. Once scanned you could have other information imbedded such as origin and farmer/producer of the product.  My only reservation is shopping culture is often "shop as quick as I can" and this would definitely take more time.


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This is great! I was just thinking along similar lines - creating a phone-based game which would encourage people to shop for locally produced foods. Perhaps adding a social component to the game will make it even more competitive. For example, competing against friends to have the lowest average transport miles. Fun idea.

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