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Grocery Education Center

Turn Grocery Stores into museums. Education is the best way to better understand our food and let’s face it the grocery stores and companies that you find there aren’t good at that. They may even be down right deceptive. Let’s start a grocery store that’s more educational and encourages transparency of food. Lots of demonstrations and better “exhibits” of the products. For example, educational videos of slaughter, bread baking demonstrations, and exhibits of where food is grown. This could be turned into a destination, specialty grocery, where kids love to go and people understand their food better.

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A very different model for grocery where we are not just pushing sales per square foot but education of food. An educational grocery that treads the line between grocery and museum. This would also make the grocers think harder about who they are buying from. Perhaps you could even charge an admission! Tesco Home Plus in South Korea is already expanding on the grocery concept in this way:
Granted they are a huge company but they have these educational classes and other community building components to their store.


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This is just wonderful! This could also be a solution to the problem that Jamie Oliver demonstrated with children not knowing what different vegetables look like (

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