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Give tax CREDITS to people who buy organic

An alternative to subsidies- Reward people who buy organic by giving them a CREDIT back on the taxes they pay at the end of the year when they buy organic.

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The current cost of organic food is more than "conventional" food, yet there is a growing interest on people to make the switch. The problem with buying organic food is not that it is really expensive for people in the middle-high income bracket, these people will pay the price for a healthier lifestyle and cut back in other things cause they can afford it. The population with lower income, in the other hand, would struggle to buy food that is more expensive. Giving a tax credit to people who buy organic food would benefit both populations. The higher income could take a deduction on the taxes they pay and the lower income people could take a credit for the extra money they spent buying organic.

This concept would work much like the tax credits that the Obama administration is giving to businesses that promote the green movement. Of course, this credit will be removed once organic food market stabilizes and become more competitive in a crowded "conventional" food market.


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The idea is interesting, pointing to the need for some redistribution on the food subsidies governments like the US' dole out mostly to Big Agro companies each year.
Logistically, this idea would involve a great deal of record keeping for the consumer. Perhaps, the push should be towards giving a tax break to organic producers, hence bringing the price down at the consumer level. What do you think?

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Thanks for commenting! I agree with you on the record keeping issue. But maybe if people are getting money back at the end of the year, they will start saving their receipts. People who pay lots of taxes already do it, but like you said, it would be a burden on the consumer.

Before i wrote this concept i was researching on the subsidies that the government give to farmers and the big agro companies take most of the money and lobby for passage of tax breaks and monopolies over seeds and markets. This is why i was thinking that going the other way and pushing a tax credit would probably be more feasible. For this to happen we would need congressmen and consumers to back up organic farmers to a point that people in congress and the senate know that the likelihood of them being reelected depends on this issue.