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Flashmob Planning and Preparation

Food — serious business — probably most important thing in our lives that we need to consume. (next to air and water) But we can also have lots of fun with it! We could even let users create the scripts and rules for the games! Use Comedy, Theatre, Music, Art — to make it trendy, to surprise, entertain, inspire people and to influence them! Go crazy! (but try to abstain from food fights, please!)

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This concept proposes a network-cloud-wiki-software-database, something little bit similar to Greenbook, or piggy-back on any other social forum ( i guess it could be coded as a "Farmville" and be just a plugin to facebook )

See the text-file I added below as appendix, it is this whole concept description, but in much further detail.

A flash mob is extremely cheap "viral-marketing-campaign" that entertains. And such could be utilised in many versions and situations. To influence, inspire, tease and just promote something. Some bystanders will film the event, and show it to their friends, and will spread the campaign.

Let the users have a digital playing ground, with this conceptual software! Let them invent their own games! This software can have options to alert people in the region that something is going to happen. or keep some events totally secret, until the second it starts and surprises you where you least expected! Create anticipation, excitement and of course awareness!

The software lets independent users : write and direct, organize, set the rules, facts, info, geographical location, date and time for any type of customisable event.
Sketch scripts, instructions and "choreography" in a "power-point-document" like you can do on (option to collaborate in a team online). Embed video-clips to prepare and show "choreography", making it possible for all participants practice at home first.

Invite in the start-up-phase the local art schools, cooking schools, theatre groups...
These will be the pioneers in starting monthly/weekly/randomly local flash mobs that creates choreographed "food-related" events at different grocery stores, farmers markets...
Let them take inspiration from, (and make sure the underlying purpose is always to promote eating healthy and local food)

I am responsible for the flashmob in the escalator, it was simple, funny, and caused attention from plenty of shoppers in the mall.
Go look at examples of elaborate Flash Mobs Dance

GPS-functions enables participants find their correct starting spot.
One existing interactive game built upon augmented reality made users see different coloured butterflies in different cities and make them try to catch and collect them :
we could do similarly with in-season-crops or imported fair-trade-items (from sponsors)
The software will be able to create many different GPS-geocaching-games

• Treasure-hunt or Speed-shopping : a user is selected each week to publish a shopping list, other users must try to find these ingredients in fastest time, to lowest cost, within only one shop, and then cook this as dinner. Participants that can show photo proof that most items was locally-grown-crops will get the recipe. The other participants that cannot get the set recipe must figure out what is possible to cook with the items they bought. (or perhaps we will send them a fake recipe that creates different menu?) (photos of recipe and the ready dish will be together evaluated and graded, peer-reviewed)

• Re-labeling game : The software can let users design innovative comedy sticker labels in different categories, in a shop similar to Cafépress, so that other users can print out and go to his store and "secretly" attach this new label on the side of any product.

It is possible to do lots of other practical jokes in the supermarkets, set up tasks to get other users score points if they can find them, and make people document with photos and tag to certain geographical location. Mis-spellings and errors made on hand-written billboards are funny! collect these in a section online!

• Arranging open dinners, festivals and functions
Allow users to create spontaneuos events that are within a theme or for a charity benefit. Events open to public, or secret and only available to users from certain "group" that show up on exact place and time and have the "password".

Some of these functions demonstrates collaboration and team-work across a society even though participants may never have met


• Re-connection to the online-platform
Make the users photograph results of the games, make them upload it to the cloud and all other users will vote on best game, best choreography, best joke, best pic — monthly and yearly. Have award ceremonies in different farms or on a harvest festival.
Making them return to the platform often will make it possible to place lots of different information and campaigns about local farmers and smaller and independent convenience stores. Promote discounts or coupons for local food and for schemes that will help local climate, and raise funds for local charities and welfare org's.

• Make this entire concept locally, regionally or franchise it for a licence fee to any city internationally. It scales easily thanks to GPS and mapping functions.
• Maybe set up a yearly flashmob-festival which can create tourism into Queensland?

( this concept was formerly known as : Funny, Trendy, Ironic, Improvised Influences and Inspirations )


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Photo of Johan Löfström

I edited and updated the concept description a bit, now it has got 3 food-flash-mob video-clips!!!

Looking for more content and functions for this type of platform.

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