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food travel value

The TV for food is a term to quantify cost in terms of use of transport energy used . For example one tonne of carrots transported 100 miles by lorry to the point of sale would have much real cost to the environment than a tonne of carrots transported to the same point of sale from a producer 20 miles away using an electric vehicle .

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We have lamb in the UK and yet they transport it all the way around the world from new zealand , the same with butter . The most ridiculous examples are mineral waters . The UK has lots of local mineral water and yet basically the same product can be shipped from the other side of the world.Its economic and environmental madness and the TV value should be indicated to show how much energy was used realated to petrol diesel consumption etc. AND ANY OTHER APPROPIATE FACTORS

To reduce TV value then this could be done by local supply and use of electric vehicles or even bikes .People on unemployment should be given payment also in partly in TV vouchers which will have enhanced value when used for low TV rated products . In real terms they will have more spend money and the low TV rated spend would also create more jobs locally , perhaps even a job for them .

They could also be encouraged to grow thier own food on allotments -via TV vouchers as well-on the outskirts of urban areas , thereby being encouraged to develope a stronger independent healthier way of life, instead of festering in some urban centre being attracted only to vices ,drugs,alcohol,violence other anti-social behaviour or just plain sitting in front of a television over -eating ,getting fat and breeding to get more handouts , for an even more problematic growing disfunctional family of all sorts of offspring developing in a similar fashion ,obsessed with blabbing usless mindless dribble on mobile phones , network sites ,getting fat also infront of a computer screen,playing war games ..and with that kind of home madness of influences thereby enacting it all out on the occasional friday or saturday night ,,with some of these wannabe anti-social heroe losers then clogging up the AE departments costing everyone a lot more..Yes put a TV on products to indicate those that cost the earth less ,,with vouchers paid to the unemployed or others on social to encourage low rated TV product purchases , help local businessess, the environment and reduce the number of lunatic activities as above.

Encourage them to ,buy local,be energy efficient ,spend thier money more responsibliy ,think more responsibily and be more responseable . Especially if thier is a finacial incentive for them . Target thier spend on low rated TV products produced locally , by local labour and to a high environmental standard. And encourage them to get on a bike , to plant veg on a rent a piece of land deal ,at a low TV rating . Stop breeding depency morons in the urban area , waiting at the end of the trolley que to be handed all the stuff packed and parcelled. They are becoming the vegatables . Get them growing thier own and a sense of reality .Every low income family or on social ,give them a bike and a small trailer and a bit of land .Give them a sense of being instead of just daft cash handouts to throw everywhere. TV can work...Travel Value rating.

eg Canadian mineral water bought in UK .TV rating 85

      uk mineral water sold in manchester produced within 50 miles TV rating 10

              mineral water mancheste produced within 10 miles TV rating 5 mineral water manchester produced with 10 miles delivered by electric vehicle TV rating 2

Tv rating voucher given to people on social would have 20 % more value for TV rating below 10

30 % on tv rating of 2 and below . to encouirage very low rated TV purchases .locally produced ,environmentally friendly products

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oh, now i get it, your abbreviation TV is not television! you might need a new name or more clever abbreviaiton to clarify. There is already a coined term that is well spread : food miles. you might want to check it out, and think about how your value rating system is different to that.

And what i feel is most important to include is consumers food miles or "travel value" from the shop to their home. it is a huge difference between a tonne of carrots sharing the same crate on a lorry, and the same tonne of carrots split up into 1,000 customers each buying 1kg, and some customers bicycle home from the shop while others have big cars with V8-engines.

For instance see my concept :