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Food Landscaping: growing beauty & fresh food

Interested in growing some of your own food, but doubt you have the time, knowledge, or skills required? Food Landscapers help you turn your yard, balcony, window, or even rooftop (name a place, and we’ll find something to grow on it!) into beautiful gardens that provide the freshest food (fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.) right where you are. Homeowners can break free from boring lawns, city dwellers can breathe life into their apartments beyond the potted pothos, companies can create truly relaxing break areas, schools can deepen their kids understanding about & consumption of fresh food, and governments can transform public spaces into attractive, productive, recreation areas.

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Food Landscapers would provide tiered levels of help ranging from a free initial consultation to discuss what can be grown in your space (could even setup advice booths at farmers' markets as suggested by Delia); to a coaching supporter that handles initial setup than drops in once a month to advise; to a full-service farmer package that literally handles everything from planting to growing to harvesting.

People can also cherry-pick specific services. For example, when the harvest arrives, you can choose from options such as renting a professional-grade juicer; dropping off what you can’t immediately use to be turned into jam & pickles; giving the harvest to Food Landscapers to offset your fees; or sharing your bounty through friendly signage inviting neighbors to help themselves, postings to free fruit directories like, and donations to local food banks.

Local Food Landscapers could be run as mission-aligned, income-generating arms of nonprofits; or started up as a new purpose-driven form of traditional landscaping businesses.

Ultimately, Food Landscaping serves as a scaffolded introduction to growing food on your own terms & pace. Rebuilding a culture of food production awareness will also hopefully increase support for other food initiatives such as community gardens, local farms, organic produce, etc.

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Have also attached a video, recommended by Avi in Timothy's Workplace Gardens concept, showing how food landscaping services can help companies (in this case Google) set up edible gardens, providing benefits to employees while also raising money for nonprofits.
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I like this idea so much I plan to build a vertical garden at the rear of our new store and open it up for peole to see! Thanks Vincent - you have inspired me to take direct action.

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That's great Cliff! It's direct action like yours that turns ideas into reality (& impact).

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