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Food for thought Week !

Building on the idea of bringing food advocacy and awareness into public schools - why not create a food immersion week that brings activities such as this & awareness, accessibility, and education so that the community can't help but be made aware. Make fresh food local, and familiar.

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Building on the idea of bringing activities and food-interaction into public schools :


– why not create an immersion week of food-focused activities that saturates and build an awareness in communities that are currently either not participating or don’t have access to fresh healthy food.

Currently groups of all sorts, from urban growers, to community outreach, to healthy community campaigns are all trying to get their message out and their voices heard. They spend a lot of time and effort and are often not getting the returns they want in communities that need them the most. It is very very easy to overlook, ignore and otherwise miss healthy food opportunities.

Instead of all of the food advocacy groups going along and having their target users missing their message – bring these groups together for an intensive food immersion week – a food for thought week!  Create a saturated environment where people come into contact with healthy fresh food everywhere – from school, to church, to the train stops, to the local corner store or grocery store they already shop at. Make it so community members can’t help but run into fresh local healthy accessible food everyday – for a whole week. Bring cooking lessons, recipes, boxed lunches, produce marts, competitions to everyone. Educate people that healthy food is accessible and relatable to them. Show that it can be part of your daily routine.

Food-for-thought week will help identify and support community members who are interested in bridging the time between the next food-for-thought week – keeping momentum and interest going and building a committed base in the neighborhood. Immersion weeks will coincide with peak growing seasons – transitions from spring to summer, and summer to fall.

An idea that builds on existing frameworks, invites new innovation, and the ability to build and grow over time with food/community outreach ideas that are already working and those in development….to create an immersive environment that creates and builds healthy change.

It’s food for thought!!!


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Great idea!!! Strength in numbers, a concerted effort would be so much more effective! Furthermore, coordinated efforts between schools would ensure that all the kids were talking about the same important topic. What about holding a contest, kind of like the science fair, but it's a competition to celebrate food? Special creative assignments that can be told in any form from poetry to art to science!

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Thanks Quyen! I really like the idea of getting schools to join up together - lately it seems if schools are competing against eachother - for students, for funding, for support...maybe activities like you're suggesting could get schools to compete *with* eachother.