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Food Election campaign

As a means of promoting local fresh food, separating it and branding it clearer against factory-processed and fast-food. I suggest a fictional "political campaign" with posters, information from both sides, debates and an election.

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Ad campaign, "mockup-debates" that looks like contenders running head to head in a fictional political election. Where the "party" of the locally-produced and organically-grown fresh and healthy food can make an ironic, ugly, "smear-campaign" against competitors. See the film "Wag the Dog" for understanding my inspiration.

This is educational promotion for local fresh food, separating it from and branding it clearer against factory-processed and fast-food with internationally sourced ingredients and artificial preservating additives,

It is well documented that we do not know about effects from most of the different types of food additives, colouring agents, artifical flavours and manipulated sugars, corn syrup and trans fats in fast food and in factory-processed ready-made-dinners.

We need to highlight science and examinations that have been done, see for instance :
And then clarify it to people in simple language so anyone can understand.
There are reasons to be cautious about what doctors call "Cocktail effect". There is lots of research done, that is not general knowledge to every person. Food and drug administrative departments of our governments are big ships to turn around slowly.
And perhaps most importantly : dietary recommendations are not at all sufficient for pregnant young women.

Some more details:
So lets create a campaign that mimics a presidential election. But we manufacture both sides ads *ironically* with a little humourous twist, to make people think more about what is in the food that they eat. And how it differes in quality and ingredients and "reality". All the "cheap" additives have a hidden cost : the risks, that you might become unhealthy some day.

The ads should lead the viewers towards reading a blog where they can find lots of links to different research papers and links to medical science that show effects of unhealthy diets. We would not demand that all people reads all the science papers, but only show that they exist, categorize them, write reviews and short summarized papers, in very simple language, similar to "Readers Digest". Only so the large mass can grasp the general ideas that is behind scientific facts. To make it possible for people to search and "bust some old stubborn myths" that are involved around food and ingredients.

Finance this campaign with parts of the food tax suggested in other concepts. Involve local standup-comedians and script writers to write the jokes.

Local ad agencies can donate some time to produce these posters. Or enlist art schools to make them. The students can at the same time do research on propaganda posters in art history lessons.
We can crowdsource web forums like to make lowbudget filmmakers donate some of their time to create TV-ads. Or there are a couple of related concept proposals here that suggest setting up some competitions for people to make their own food-publicity-ads. (see the list in the right margin)
It is just another of those promotion campaigns. but with educational twist, see comments below. And feel free to join the discussion to enhance the concept.
edit 29th of April, thanks for the comments, keep being creative!


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When the people will be aware in majority then the government automatically can no longer avoid the wishes of people, thus the domestic food industries will be benefited.

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