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Don’t forget the staples!

The goal of this project is to educate consumers about the involved process of producing staple foods.

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This project is aimed at illuminating the complexities of producing the staple foods we take for granted. Staple foods are often forgotten in discussions of organics, urban agriculture, and farmers markets. While less sexy than a ripe organic apple, staple grains fuel the world’s population. Rice on its own is a staple food for over 3 billion people.*

The inspiration for this prototype came from a recent trip to Cambodia where I was working on a project related to fertilizer use in rice farming. To see the entire rice growing process right before my eyes, first-hand, was incredible – I had no appreciation for the number of steps, labor-hours, middle men, processes, and challenges involved in the production of rice.

This idea could be applied to any staple food, either as an informational sign/brochure as I’ve prototyped here, or as a more interactive media format. This particular prototype only goes as far as export from the producing country, and there are surely many more steps in the process before the grain makes it to the store shelves that could be illustrated as well.

The bigger picture goal of the project is to connect consumers with the small-acreage rural farmers of the world who are producing the staple foods we eat on a daily basis.

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback!


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Yum, staples, I like! Every since I witnessed the rice paddies in China, I've better understood just how staple a staple rice is (wait, what?). Thank you so much!

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