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Curated Market Stands

Challenge local artists and producers to pair up and design market displays or kiosks that showcase the products, the farmer's story and the artist's style.

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Prior to the next big farmers' market, food festival or block party create a competition that challenges local artists and producers to pair up to design and build a market display or kiosk that creatively showcases produce, tells the story of the farmer and demonstrates the unique style of the artist. This competition would:

-encourage collaboration between local entrepreneurs
-aid in advertising interesting and different products/people
-draw a wider audience to local events
-provide a better understanding of the lives behind the food we buy

The displays could be clumped into one farmers' market area or dispersed throughout the city in empty lots, abandoned buildings or public squares to activate dead zones, pique interest and create a scavenger hunt of sorts that would draw people through the city.

*this concept builds off of many of the great concepts that celebrate unique produce, utilize abandoned lots and buildings, encourage biking/walking tours and improving availability and visibility of food through mobile kiosks, floating markets, etc...

**it also draws from the organization Project Row Houses in Houston, TX that is revitalizing a neighborhood by providing an artist residency program that rehabilitates abandoned row houses.

image (not including farmer and carrots): Project Row Houses, Accumulation of Mondays, Olga Koumoundouros, 2010


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I LOVE THE DESIGN OF THAT IMAGE! One of my biggest qualms about some organic/grocery stores in general is that they lack a certain flair. They're quite potato-sack-utilitarian and desperately need sex appeal. We need to make people excited about stuff rather than club them over the head with more knowledge.

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You are right on the money, Chris. Some organic grocery stores can be so... frumpy. Why not add some colour and fun? It is an easy change that would go a long way in making these stores more appealing.

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