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Cultivating Food Design

Food Design and Re-Design competition, of produce and new staples (not the recipes or the packaging) Curry powder, is a "Designed" spice, because it is in fact a mix of several other spices. Start a regional or national or international Food Design competition with the base in Queensland. With the intent of crowdsourcing innovation to create new patentable niche products or trademarked local crops.

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Take inspiration from Heston Blumenthal, that designs food that looks like something new and different and tastes like a completely new combination.

Influence science, farmers and designers to collaborate and to research new crops, that grow faster or with less water, or on less space, or that can survive in salty or acidic soil (that we can expect more of in the future).

Like the example with : brussel sprouts, that is a cultivated and modified type of cabbage, ( most cabbage types are derived and evolved from a single type of cabbage , most regular grains like wheat and barley is derived and evolved from a type of grass and so on ) and that have got now forever the link to the city of Brussels. (Netherlands and U.K now produce around 80 000 metric tons yearly of Brussel sprouts)

Inspire local business in catering and food processing world to innovate new types of ingredients, that will take shorter time to cook than conventional ones, and will fill you up better with more nutrients and fibre and proteins. Perhaps novelty designs, like a potato that you can peel like a banana?

And perhaps new crops that can be used as replacement for other ingredients (that have very short seasonality, or that demand a lot of fertilizer.)

This Design competition can in second stages spawn a name competition for the new products, and later a whole variety of competitions for new recipes and new versions on old recipes. (these could be on TV as reality game shows)

Sadly the Australian Design Awards does not have a food category yet.

And perhaps scientists will faster discover new crops that can be easily used in another means, for medical remedies, or simply a new way to reduce food waste, if the new ingredient has become too old to be eaten. (inspiration here is from a program i watched where they made plastic plates and cutlery out of the starch in potatoes and soy beans, and plastic bags out of corn)
Potential Results:
people will get a better understanding to where their food comes from, reduces the fears slightly about Genetically Modified Crops (GMO's), creates a local pride, and possibly a new trademarked local crop that can be exported or licenced to other countries. Creating potential revenue, fame and so on.
Please feel free to add details, in these last few hours of concepting


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I’m intrigued by the potential meaningful competition briefs (you have a few nice ones!). Debate over that would get the organizers (maybe an interdisciplinary team of farmers, scientists, economists, historians, designers, others?) to challenge the values and the questions that we ask of our food.

Your suggested criteria boil down in my mind (please tell me if I’m oversimplifying) to the use of less resources for food production (time, water, land, quality of land) while increasing the value we get out of food (nutritional, ease and availability for use, reuse, even entertainment?). To others out there – any other ideas of what else should we ask for?

There’s a cool project that proposes making food that’s nutritional for humans AND animals – a cross-species snack: - go to the link under “for the birds” – nutrition facts

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exactly! thank you. i placed a comment on your concept, and as you see I have linked yours to this concept as they appear to go hand in hand.

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